What a spoilt little girl!

Hi guys!

How are you doing? I’m fantastic… I had a really lovely day today! We went out to the city today, we had planned to spend some time with my younger sister, so we drove out to her apartment and picked her up and took her to lunch. We went into Newmarket to have lunch, now, even though I was born and raised in Auckland I’ve never actually BEEN to Newmarket, I’ve been driven through it many a time, but there hasn’t been any significant time spent in the place on my part. So that was quite fun for me, we went up to Nuffield St, where there are quite a few eateries about the place. We found one aptly named the Nuffied St Bistro, so we had a lovely lunch there. Afterwards we had a wee wonder around the shops and things and I wore my new outfit with my cool new moto pants and my beautiful blue top and the boots that my Grandma had bought for me. We were still keen to find me a pair of jeans as the majority of my jeans I have are all rather useless now considering that I’ve lost weight 😛 We went to Glassons, which of course was a lot more upmarket than the one that I’m used to going to in Albany, and I scored a lovely pair of dark blue skinny jeans along with a belt and a really gorgeous green cardi. Mum even bought herself a merino top, it looked lovely on her, I can’t really wear merino as it just makes me itch like no ones business. My sister tried on a million things but nothing didn’t seem right, so we ended up buying her a whole new outfit at another shop.

I think that’s enough of that, shall I get on with it shall I?

Breakfast: Yoghurt (99% fat free) Muesli made with trim milk and a cup of coffee also made with trim milk.

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad (it had all sorts of yummy things in it like kalamata olives and chorizo and crunchy new potatoes, it was delicious!)

Dinner: Small portion of Lasagne.

I also have to confess, that during the course of the day I consumed a grand total of 4 glasses of wine! GASP! I hope it doesn’t continue tomorrow! As for exercise, we were out pretty much most of the day and we stopped off on the way home to see Grandma for a wee bit so we didn’t get home until after 5pm and I didn’t get round to doing my exercise programme, but I did a lot of walking about the shops and things like that.

I think that’s quite enough of that for tonight! 🙂 Have a good night folks! 🙂


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