The adventure continues…

Hi all!

I’m so sorry about last night… I just got so caught up in seeing all my family again that we had a few drinks and a few laughs and I pretty much just ventured off straight to sleep last night without even a glance at the old laptop… Oh well, never mind this post will just have to feature the last 2 days worth of eating… AGAIN! I know, I’m sorry I’m getting slack on it! I have to get better at this and learn to not let things get too distracting again.

Although, I do have to report on some good news! It appears that I’ve lost enough weight that I can go shopping in skinny lady shops! YAY! I found that out today, although, it is still the size large, but, it’s the size large from places like Dotti and Forever New, which don’t normally cater for anyone much bigger than say a size 14… Which it appears I am now! YAY! 🙂 Also, have gone down a whole size in bra! Not just the cup size either… a whole size! So, in January when I had gone down a cup size I was then going down to a 16E I am now a 14E I’m so excited! 🙂

Anywho! I shall divulge on the last 2 days…

Breakfast: Yoghurt and Muesli with a cup of coffee

Lunch: Gluten Free Sweetcorn Fritters with a side salad and a rasher of bacon

Dinner: Tandoori Chicken with Couscous broccoli and cauli flower.

As for exercise, didn’t really get a chance to go through the programme now that I’m at Mum’s house, although we did lots of walking around the shops! 😛 I just hope that counts!

Breakfast: Yoghurt (this time it was 99% fat free) and Muesli with trim milk, and a cup of coffee made with trim milk.

Lunch: Chicken, Cranberry and Brie Trammazino (sort of like a panini almost…) with a trim Cappuccino.

Dinner: Roast Rack of Lamb with roast veges (potato, pumpkin, kumara and parsnip) with broccoli and cauli flower.

Although, we did have my Grandma over for dinner so there was another couple of glasses of wine involved, and a cup of mulled wine! 😉 She also brought around these mint chocolate sticks… I had a grand total of 2! I as quite pleased with my willpower! 🙂

Exercise, pretty much the same as yesterday, walking a lot around the shops and stuff, it can get quite tiring after some hours doing that. I think I’m doing well now, I think I have the motivation that I need to get me back into the swing of things! Looking forward to losing the next 5 kilograms!

Have a good night! 🙂


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