Wonderous Wednesday!

Howdy folks!

Sorry I took so long! I’m still at the boyfriend’s place and his father has come around for his Wednesday night dinner… he tends to hang around for an awfully long time, so trying to not be too rude and duck away for a quick 5 minutes is harder than it looks. So, I might just do a really short blog post just to say what I’ve been up too and all that. Been trying really hard to be good surrounded by a family of bad eaters… It’s very very difficult but I’m trying so hard, and there are just way too many obstacles, but I’m doing my best to just climb right over them.

In other news one of my best friends older sisters had her baby this morning, how cute! Saw a few pictures of him over on Facebook, reasonably sized baby looking super healthy and unbelievably cute, so may have to invite myself over one day and introduce myself to the new nephew! πŸ˜› Cuteness overload!

Anywho, shall I do a debrief of what happened today?

Breakfast: Yoghurt and Muesli with a cup of coffee (neither the milk or yoghurt was a lite option, the milk was dark blue top… which I’m not overly fond of on a good day, but I can’t ask them to make changes in their milk drinking habits just for me.)

Lunch: Risotto with Chorizo and Parmesan (we had lunch out at a cafe called The Larder, I thought it was beautiful, but apparently the general consensus is that we aren’t going to be going there again… I really have no idea why)

Dinner: Pickled Pork with Scalloped Potatoes, broccoli, cauli flower, peas and brussels sprouts (again… the only person eating them…)

Dessert: Rhubarb and Apple Crumble with custard (it’s very hard to say no to my boyfriends Mum… so I told her to give me just a tiny bit to taste… that was a humungous great big bowl full and I’m so full I really don’t think I’ll need any breakfast…)

As far as the exercising front goes… we didn’t get done eating dinner until well after 9pm which was a shame coz that meant it was too late to do my exercises, I could have done it before dinner but it was a bit hard with his Dad there and everything and I was trying to help with dinner as well, so it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be today. However, with that having been said, I helped with the paper run today so I did a lot of walking around with them… up hills and down hills, up stairs and down stairs… I didn’t break a sweat but it was still exercise so it wasn’t a complete waste of time either, and afterwards, everyone was complaining about how sore and tired they were… and I’m barely even sweating and still have all of my lung capacity, I’m quite shocked at the lack of fitness on there part… I don’t know for how much longer I can be silent about it… I need some help with that…

Anywho, lovely seeing you all again, have a lovely evening! πŸ™‚


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