It’s nearly over!

Hi Hi Hi!

How you guys doing? Apart from being unfeasibly sleepy I’m fantastic πŸ™‚ oh… and I have a wee bit of a sore toe too… but what else is new? Lol!

Still trying to get my head around the fact that there’s only 2 more shows left in the season. I seriously don’t know what I’ll do with myself once it’s done. I guess I’ll have to do the next one that comes along… I really love doing the whole musical theatre thing… I’m pretty sure I’m born to do this. So please… if anyone knows of any auditions happening locally… let me know and I’ll show up and try out! πŸ™‚

Anywho… let’s carry on shall we?

Breakfast: Banana, Yoghurt (99% fat free) and Muesli made with trim milk. Also a cup of coffee made with trim milk and a couple of glasses of water.

Lunch: Petita (meaning small) Pita Pit pocket in Chicken Caesar flavour… with lots of veges like lettuce and avocado, cucumber, tomato, carrots, mushrooms, red onions, pineapples and cheese with Teriyaki sauce.

Dinner: Mushroom Soup

Yea, another hard out night at Witches exercise wise… also there was a bit of up and down of the old stairs business… πŸ˜› So I think we might be back in business, or so I’m hoping.

Anyway, thought this might be a short entry… So, I’ll leave it at that! Have a lovely night! πŸ™‚


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