It’s way too cold!

Good evening my pretties! šŸ™‚

How are we all tonight? Me? I’m bloody freezing! Is it just me or did it all of a sudden just get really really cold? I think it’s the latter.

Well, I can safely say that I have completed that creative enterprise assignment, good golly I loathe report writing… I’m no bloody good at it and it makes my brain hurt. Even though I’m completely opposed to the addition of an appendix on a report, I did one anyway, well, it was required of me. I mean, if a human being can survive SANS appendix… I’m sure that a report can survive without one too. I came so close to asking my tutor if it was ok that I handed in a report that had had an appendectomy! šŸ˜›

Anywho, shall I?

Breakfast: Banana, Yoghurt (99% fat free) and Muesli made with trim milk. Also one cup of coffee made with trim milk and a couple of glasses of water.

Lunch: Microwave Mushroom Rice

Snack: Nut Deluxe flavoured (Weight Watchers) Muesli Bar… I did get a wee bit peckish at about 4 o clockish… I think the whole eating dinner at 5pm when the show’s on is throwing me all out of kilter.

Dinner: Tandoori Chicken (thigh cut) with Garlic Couscous.

On the whole a very good day, even though I did say that I was going to start doing the programme again today, I didn’t get round to it… It just slipped my mind when I was trying to finish off my report, doing loads of washing, dishes and constantly trying to remember my little jobs while my landlords are away. However, I was on my feet a bit more than I was the other day, so I hope that helps.

Also, a friend of mine might have given me a reason why my body is finding it hard to drop more weight, and it seems legit. He says my body could have well gone into starvation mode, nothing horrible about that, but sometimes these things can happen, so he gave me a tip to up my protein again to try and jolt my metabolism, so I’m going to see if I can eat more lean red meat and try and snack on things like nuts… I may also look into a protein shake of some sorts.

So on the whole, a pretty good day was had! Hope yours was lovely too! šŸ™‚ See you tomorrow! šŸ™‚


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