Sorry I’m late!

Howdy folks!

Sorry about the late entry… I was home much later than expected from Witches last night. I stuck around after the performance for a wee while with some friends of mine and we had a few drinkies, which was nice, but I didn’t get home until after midnight which basically meant that all I wanted to do was go straight to bed… which is usually one’s first inclination after 2 vodka and lemonades! 😛 Naughty me! But I enjoyed myself and it was a great night.

So I think it will be another short post again today, but that’s ok 🙂 So I’ll just tell you about the things that I did and ate yesterday coz I may have to do another posting tonight about today’s adventures.

So here it goes!

Breakfast: Banana, Yoghurt (99% fat free) and Muesli made with trim milk. Also a cup of coffee made with trim milk and a couple of glasses of water.

Lunch: Vege Bake (potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, beans, broccoli and cauli flower… yum!) and a 400mL Pump Mini.

Dinner: Mushroom Soup (also… yum!)

Also one of my castmates baked some cookies, I had 2 of them, but I thought it was ok, because I might be able to work some of those off during the dance numbers. I also had a Red Bull last night, for the first time in a long while, as well as what I mentioned before about 2 vodka and lemonades.

Also, quite a bit of walking around at school as well as all the dance routines that one does on stage in a musical 🙂 But also, a wee bit of sitting around too whilst watching the performance assessments which were amazing! 🙂 Super proud of all my friends at Whitireia.

So that’s it for another day, hope you have a tremendous day and I’ll probably see you again tonight! 🙂


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