Soporific Saturday…


I don’t know what it was about today, but I was so completely shattered today and I have no idea why… I hope it’s not a sign that I’ve been overdoing it, I hope not, coz I don’t even think I’ve been overdoing it. In fact, I think I could be doing more, but never mind what I think. Very low energy from the second I got out of bed which is quite worrisome and I hope it doesn’t continue over to tomorrow because I have a humungous day tomorrow and I have to work very hard and there’s just no time to be tired to be honest.

So shall I just tell you what I’ve been up to today?

Breakfast: Yoghurt Muesli and Milk with a cup of coffee.

Lunch: 2 venison sausages in bread and 2 pinwheel scones

Now, I do have to tell you that after I had done my exercises I was so unbelievably tired that I just did NOT have the energy to cook anything for dinner… so think what you like about this next entry…

Dinner: Potato chips… yep… I slipped up a little… but we are all human and I will make up for it tomorrow… at least I did me exercises today! šŸ™‚

So yea, I did my exercises as well, I sweated more than usual during the whole ordeal… my skin has also blown up. I don’t know whether it’s just a stress break out because opening night is within sights (on Wednesday to be exact) or because my period is coming pretty soon.

What do you think?


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