Wobbly Wednesday!

Good evening.

It is very much later than expected… rehearsal went on way later than first expected, I don’t think we got done until 10pm… and then had to wait for 43 minutes for the next bus home… Dodgy… but I’m still alive and writing to you in the form of this blog. So I am very very sleepy and exceptionally hungry but it’s not a good idea to eat things this late at night. Now, because it’s so late, it won’t be a long entry… my bed is beckoning to me.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty then…

Breakfast: Banana, Muesli and Trim Milk (no yoghurt this time, I had just run out, but luckily I bought some more today when I went grocery shopping.)

Lunch: Microwave Macaroni Cheese (made with water and trim milk) Instructions said to microwave for 10 minutes… it only needed half that time, the whole microwave wattage thing comes in to play…

Dinner: Lean Lamb Loin Chop with steamed veges (sweetcorn, carrots and broccoli) Still, had to cook with oil and then drain off. I had my heart broken today by Briscoes 😥 My very lovely Mother had put $50 into my bank account so I could go and get me a small George Foreman, I didn’t think a small one was going to be much more than that, go in the shop, there it was, price marked at $80… bugger! 😥 So no George Foreman for me!

I was offered some french fries, I ate one, just one, I’m not even lying. I was also asked to taste some ice cream, so I grabbed the smallest teaspoon we had and had the very definition of a “taste”.

Exercise, pretty much exactly the same as yesterday, once through the programme and then a 2 hour rehearsal for Witches… So I’m exhausted and I ache! But I’m hopeful that it will make a difference! 🙂


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