Tuesday Day 9…

Good evening all!

I’m still in the worlds best mood after the massive success of last week, that I’m determined to let it be the reason to be happy all this week, and to motivate me to do more exercise and keep up with the whole thing. I got into a vastly silly mood today just basically because I was so happy! It got a bit weird when I started quoting Monty Python… I do that quite often, I seem to remember a lot of their quotes 😛 I just happen to think that it’s because they are hilarious! Yes, I’m sure that’s why I seem to remember them all.

So anywho, shall we? I have been a very good girl of late. 🙂

Breakfast: Banana, Yoghurt (99% fat free) and Muesli with trim milk, a cup of coffee made with trim milk and no sugar or anything. As well as a couple of glasses of water.

Lunch: Mediterranean Penne Pasta Salad. (Now that sounds like a mouthful, and it was! Jolly delicious it was too! It had sun-dried tomatoes, spring onions and capsicums in it, yummo!)

Dinner: Lean Lamb Loin Chop with Steamed Veges (Sweetcorn, Carrots and Broccoli) Again, I had to cook it in a whole bunch of oil, but I drained it off before I ate it. Although, all this may change because my darling Mother has informed me that she has put some money in my bank account to go and get me a… GEORGE FOREMAN LEAN MEAN FAT REDUCING GRILLING MACHINE! (yes, I did have to say the full title!) 😛

Exercise is pretty much as is from the last week, I am getting better and it’s hurting a little less then it did this time last week. I managed to do Burpees with feet together this time, I was quite pleased with myself, getting faster at them too, so I must be making progress. Also, another 2 hours at rehearsal tonight, pretty much the vast majority of that time was me on my feet. A lot of dancing was involved and there was quite a bit of walking and standing too, but I hear that the longer you stand the ore calories you burn, and I was in heels too so my feet have been disintegrated.

Also, I’m starting to notice a few other benefits to this as well, not just on the weight loss front. My hair is nicer and shinier and is nice to the touch. My skin is smoother and less spotty and oily and just looks like it’s so full of life. As for my nails, the whites are getting whiter which looks really pretty and they are getting stronger too! 🙂 So all around many many good things are happening! 🙂

Much love to all!


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