One more sleep until weigh-in!

Good Evening!

It appears that it is Sunday… so that’s another weekend come and gone, back to the grind tomorrow. I just thought I’d put it out there by saying that the post I will be doing tomorrow evening will include a weigh-in result. It has been a week since I have started this blog and one week ago, I posted my initial starting weight, so I think it’s perfectly fitting that I do a weekly weigh-in, which I will include tomorrow, this excites me! I’m very much hoping that I have made a difference and that I’m hoping to have lost a kilo.

Although, I do think it might be a fitting time to come clean about something. I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (also commonly known as PCOS) It is, pretty much self-explanatory, there are a whole bunch of cysts on my ovaries. One of the many symptoms of this condition is excessive weight gain, although in some cases there is some excessive weight loss. Obviously, you know which one I got. Yay. Also, this means that I retain quite a bit more water weight than most people so that’s another drawback. The third and final drawback is that I am on the pill, and not just any pill, the highest dosage of pill, which doesn’t do me any favours on the weight front.

So, let’s get to it shall we?

Breakfast: Banana Yoghurt (99% fat free) and Muesli with Trim Milk. Also had time for a cup of coffee made with trim milk and without sugar, and a couple of glasses of water.

Lunch: One Petita (small) Vegetarian Garden Salad Pita Pit errrr… Pita (Almost like a pita alternative to Subway, very delicious, and also incredibly low in fat and salt)

Dinner: Tagliatelle Pasta with light Carbonara sauce. (I only put in enough sauce to coat the pasta lightly and not make it go swimming, also, whilst waiting for my dinner to cook I had a small glass of Just Juice 50% less sugar)

As for the exercise portion of my day, it was a pretty full on day at rehearsal where we went from 9am til 5pm and there was a lot of dancing involved, and as well as a lot of walking around. As a result of all the dancing that we did it made my toes very sore because of my dancing shoes, it wasn’t much longer until my knee really started hurting. So I’ve decided to give my knee the night off and I can do once through the programme again tomorrow night when my knee is a little better and I don’t have a rehearsal to go to.



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