Hey Hey it’s Saturday!

Evening folks!

Yes, the weekend is upon us… and even though a lot of people may consider it a time to cheat and stuff… I really tried my best do stick to my principles about diet and exercise. I do have to say that it is rare that I get two days just to sit down and watch TV (which is also, what I did today) So it’s quite a nice joy to be able to take a load off and then relax and enjoy oneself and not have to worry about rehearsals to go to and assignments to be completed.

I watched a few very interesting TV shows, I watched The Voice Australia which I am following like a hawk (I think hawk’s they follow) I have also started watching the famed “Breaking Bad” but I don’t know if this is a bad thing or a good thing but I’ve started watching it at season 5… Nonetheless I’m finding it very good and enjoying it and it’s very interesting, but I have no idea who on earth anybody is 😛 So I’m the look out for a friend who may be able to hook me up with the first four seasons so I can catch up with it. I also have to catch my Mother-in-law up on season 4 and season 5 of True Blood before season 6 starts up.

Anywho, I’ll tell you what happened…

Breakfast: Yoghurt and Muesli (had run out of milk, so no milk on my breakfast, and no coffee either)

Lunch: Roast Chicken Subway with veges and honey mustard dressing (This is all off the healthy options programme so I think I’m all good with that, I did eat a whole foot long coz I thought it might decrease the chance of me wanting to snack on something at another time in the day)

Snack: One Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie (Yes, I had one, and only one, in all honesty I don’t think it would hurt me all that much, and I can’t even remember the last time I had a cookie, so it’s probably not so bad, won’t have another cookie for a while then either. Oh, and also, we didn’t start leaving for home until nearly quarter to 7, which meant that I would have dinner later than I’m used to, so to keep me going until I’d cooked my dinner I had a wee Weight Watchers Muesli Bar just to tide me over, I hope that’s ok)

Dinner: Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta with a light Carbonara sauce (I didn’t drown the pasta in the sauce I just put enough sauce on to coat the pasta. Also, I salted and oiled the water just so the pasta wouldn’t stick together)

Because I didn’t start cooking dinner until more or less 7:30pm which is half an hour later than what I’d normally start cooking, I didn’t start doing my exercises until after 8pm… which is a little later than usual, hence the reason why I’m starting to feel a bit droopy, if you know what I mean 😛

Anywho, I think today was generally a good day. Tomorrow will probably be even better as I have an all day rehearsal for Witches going from 9am to 5pm, so that would be good on the exercise front. I’ll see how I feel when I get home as to whether I do my programme or not, I may not need to.


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