Evening all!

How are we this rather cold winter evening? I hope we are all ok! 🙂 Friday is pretty much my chill out day where I don’t do a heck of a lot of stuff coz I find I’m just so busy the other days of the week that I do need some time to be a couch potato. Don’t worry, this isn’t a confession, I didn’t misbehave too badly today, I do have to admit however, that because I am at my boyfriends house, it is a bit harder to do the whole eating thing, because the food that is available is theirs, so, not really conscious for someone who is on a diet. Not that there’s any fault in that, I’m just saying that despite the circumstances I did my very best. Also, watched THAT episode of Game Of Thrones… All I can say is… Wow, I’m so sad right now… there’s like no-one left!!! 😥 I’m slightly angry that basically the entire (well, except for Arya, Bran and Rickon, oh and Sansa, who isn’t really Stark since her marriage to Tyrion) Stark family has been obliterated… Katie sad 😥 panic not though, Katie didn’t emotionally over eat.

So, let’s crack on then shall we?

Breakfast: Yoghurt (not light, but it’s still 97% fat free so not so bad) and Muesli (no bananas, family aren’t big fruit fans)

Lunch: 2 sausages with onions bread and sauce and 4 cherry tomatoes (not overly diet conscious, but I tried to even out by adding the tomatoes)

Snack: (yes… I had a snack, kind of a Friday ritual in the Boyfriends family household, but check me out, didn’t have cake!) 4 crackers with cheese and tomato. The tomato had a little bit of salt and pepper on it, but not too much.

Dinner: 2 (rather small) slices of Pizza (yes, again, it was Pizza night in the boyfriends house, but I ate them very slowly and didn’t have any chips, nor any Mountain Dew and declined the chocolate when it was offered to me) I drank water instead! 😛

Exercise wise, I did spend quite a bit of the day sitting on the couch, but I did make the time to shut myself in my boyfriends room to go once through the programme. So not so bad! I’m pleased at myself for not having the chocolate! 😛 I think I did very well considering the circumstances! 🙂


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