The Next Day…

Hi folks!

Sorry for the slight delay in my writing this post, it would have happened last night after rehearsal but unfortunately the area that I live in had a power failure last night and thus, we have no internet for the meantime. Bugger! But oh well, I shall continue to write this as if it were Tuesday night as opposed to Wednesday morning. If the internet is back on in time for me to write Wednesday’s post tonight, then I will do it tonight, if not, I’ll do it on Thursday morning 🙂

So anywho, here’s what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: Banana with Light (99% fat free) Youghurt Muesli and trim Milk
One cup of coffee with trim milk and no sugar, plus a couple of glasses of water.

Lunch: Fresh Brocolli and Bacon salad with a Pump Mini (400ml)… of course, it’s water!

Dinner: One small portion of Mexican Style Rice (I didn’t get home until 5:30pm, and I had rehearsal at 7:30pm so pretty much had to be a very quick dinner) It’s got no artificial anythings and I didn’t add salt to it.

I did my exercise programme (as mentioned in the previous post) I forgot to mention that once through takes about 20 minutes to do, so when I get a bit stronger and fitter and able to do it twice through it will take me about 40 minutes which will be good. I’m aiming to be able to do the programme twice through after Witches closes (closing night is 13 July) Which is a little more than a month away. My goals in my exercises would be to be able to do the Burpees fluently, do the calf raises without hanging on for dear life on my desk leg when I get up to my 15th rep and of course to be able to do all 30 press ups without having to pause and change positions so often.

I also ended up going to Rehearsal last night for Witches, which actually went a little over time we didn’t get done until 10pm! (was so beat!) So after all the exercising and stuff, I probably ended up doing about an hours worth of dancing, so yesterday was a very good day exercise wise! 🙂 Dad also gave me a sachet of Endura Electrolyte powder to put in my water, I did so, and it gave me heaps of energy! So cheers for that Daddy!

Anywho, depending on whether the internet is back on at home, I’ll probably end up doing another post tonight about Today’s stuff, but if not, then it will just have to be when I get to tech tomorrow morning!

I hope today is just as good as yesterday! 🙂


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