A Healthy change…


Man! It’s been a while since I’ve had a wee go on here, as you can tell our homework assignment has been completed, just thought I’d let you know. Also thought I’d let you know that I got a resounding A- for this blog so yay!!! πŸ™‚

Anywho, I’m now going to have a quick change in topics for the time being, for the next wee while this blog is now going to become a weight-loss blog! As of today I have really decided to put my foot down and do something serious about managing my weight and trying to get down to a more healthy weight for my height (or lack thereof) Also, another friend of mine has a weight loss blog, so to show my support for her and help her I’ve decided that she is going to be my accountability partner and this blog will be not only to motivate myself, but to see how we are both going in our endeavor to shrink. This is not about competition, her blog merely inspired me to do my own, we are both winners in our own right and this is NOT a race to see who can lose the most weight. So to my dear friend (she knows who she is) I love you, and the best of luck to you! You are beautiful!

So, I had best get on with it then. I had best give out my details. I had the best of intentions to do my measurements, but alas, my measuring tape is only a tiny baby one, so I will have to buy one and note them down for you for next week (I plan to do all the important reporting weekly, on Mondays) So here’s the rest of it.

Height = 5 foot 4 (don’t ask me how much that is in centimetres)
Clothes size = 16/14 (depends on where I shop)
Bra size = 16E
Weight = 84kgs (weighed myself completely naked)
Goal Weight = (according to the Weight Watchers book) Somewhere between 65 and 72kgs
Projected Weight Loss = Approx 15kgs
Goal dress size = 12
Goal bra size = Hmmmmmm… smaller than I am now (haha!)

So… here’s what I’ve done today
Food Plan:
Breakfast: Banana with Light (99% fat free) yoghurt Muesli and Trim Milk
One cup of coffee (with no sugar and Trim Milk)

Lunch: One portion of Egg Fried Rice (no artificial anythings…)

Dinner: Lean Steak (cooked in a very old and apparently non-stick fry pan, but needed to put oil in… Rice Bran Oil, drained off after cooking)
With Steamed Veges (sweetcorn, carrots and sugar snap peas)

This is my exercise plan, it says to do two repetitions of it, but just because I’m starting out I’m only doing one, but will move up to two after a wee while.

Bench Squats = 30
Jog On Spot = 1 minute
Lunges = 30 (each side)
Star Jumps = 1 minute
Side Leg Raises = 30 (each side)
Burpees = 1 minute
Calf Raises = 30
Mountain Climbers = 1 minute
Press Ups = 30
Belly Ups = 1 minute
Abdominal Bridge = 1 minute (because when I’m in the usual abdominal bridge position everything touches the floor still haha! So for the meantime I’m doing a modified downward facing dog yoga position)
Rest! = 2 minutes

So, I will report daily in regards to the food I’ve been eating and the exercise I’ve been doing just to keep myself accountable and to shake out anything that I need to confess! I’m actually quite excited about this and I hope this will help me give the results that I’m after! Thanks very much for your support! Also, I’ve taken some photos to remind myself of how I look and will regularly update the photos as well. DISCLAIMER: These photos were not taken to appear to be provocative or sexy, these were taken purely from a health stand point.

Photo on 3-06-13 at 8.20 PM

Photo on 3-06-13 at 8.20 PM #2

Photo on 3-06-13 at 8.20 PM #3

Photo on 3-06-13 at 8.21 PM


2 thoughts on “A Healthy change…

  1. Chi says:

    ❀ I'm super proud of you most people would not want anyone looking at their bodies when they are considered *carrying more weight* than *the norm* soooooooo i say you go sista !!! You make sure anything you do in life is right for YOU nobody else. It is not selfish to love oneself and be the very best they can be. Everyone benefits from who you truly are ! I'm rooting for you Songie, gorgeous inside and out just as you are meant to be ❀ xx Much love Chi xx

  2. Awwww! ❀ thank you so much for your love and support Chiski ❀ I love you thank you for your beautiful words, they did in fact bring a little tear to my eye *huggles* I am blessed to have friends like you! πŸ™‚

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