My Reflection…

Hi again…

This is the 5th and final “homework” related post, so I think from this point in time you may have to get used to me blogging for no apparent reason… 😛

We were asked to reflect on our process through this blogging experience so here goes nothing…

I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this process, I think it was right up my alley and I felt so much more relaxed and at one with everything about homework as opposed to writing an essay or a report or something like that. I have an immense amount of trouble with the whole “writing because I have to” scenario, and this felt more free for me, it felt like I didn’t have to write because I had to. I enjoyed the whole learning process about this assignment as well, how to post, how to look at your stats, how to insert media into your posts and all of that stuff.

It was a real eye opener for me to look up websites about small business and self promotion through blogging and physically say something about what I got from these sites it really gave me an incentive to read the sites instead of just look at it for 30 seconds, but have a bit of a read and find something relevant to me and my art form.

My stats are fairly interesting… of all time I have 80 hits (ooooh! exciting! :P) and I think my best ever was about 15 in one day. On my very first blog posting I have a grand total of 9 comments, but I appear to not have anymore on my other posts! 😛 My views seem to be fairly regular and have a good flow, although I haven’t had any views since April 15 but aside from that I’m very happy with how my blog has been viewed.

I definitely feel like I could continue with this blog even after this assignment has ended coz I feel that this is a great medium for displaying to the public my youtube videos and such and to constantly write down my thoughts about my BoW and all that jazz.

So, in conclusion, a thoroughly enjoyable experience! thanks heaps to Janet for a really great assignment idea! I love it!

Photo on 16-06-12 at 9.30 PM #2


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