Small business in the music industry…

In all honesty, I never really thought about the business side of the music industry into too much detail, I’m not very financially minded and handling money gives me a major headache. Also, another thing that does hinder me slightly, is that I am very mathematically challenged and could almost be described as “maths illiterate”. Which is a bit of a hinderance, so in the future I may have to invest in an accountant to handle that side of things.

However, It is very important that I know stuff like this as my studies near there end and my career potentially begins, of course the main goal is to find gainful employment in this industry so I’m doing a bit of poking around and looking for things to help me in my endeavors.

We were tasked with locating some websites which help us in this purpose and I found a really nice one about the subject in The New Music Entrepreneur! What I found particularly useful about this place as it tells us a bit about the business side of the industry and they also mention some training institutes that do teach musicians about the business sides of things. I also really like it because it encourages discussion about the topic.

I like this one too… Music Biz Academy because it get’s you asking all the questions you need to ask yourself before you get started.

However, to start a small business you need to spend money to make money. The government can help you to get started by giving you a grant. This website here tells you where in New Zealand you can get a grant and how you can apply for one.

This one I thought was particularly good, because it gives you some tips for starting up a music store, which might not be directly related to the music industry but whether you’re selling Cd’s or musical instruments it can really be useful to musicians as you could be the future clientele to these outfits. This one is specific to the city of Houston, Texas.

Also, if you wanted to get in to the music industry but weren’t too sure where to start there’s always this site right here which helps give people ideas on where in the music industry you can make money.

This process was particularly helpful to me and I hope you find it helpful too! 🙂





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