What keeps me going…

I was recently challenged by a tutor of mine to compose a blog divulging some of my most inner secrets to my success and how I keep myself going for practicing and all that.

One thing that really gets me going is (again, please don’t hit me, just something that’s rather important to me) My Lord and saviour. I was raised in a catholic home but in my late teens and early 20’s I suffered from a deep depression which pushed me further away from God and it got the point where I quite literally lost my voice. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and my partner would say things to me like “You shouldn’t sing… I don’t like it when you do… You’re not even that good… I hate your style of music” I believed this to be true so I stopped singing for a time.

When I was about 23, after the demise of an awful relationship, I found God again. He saved my life and helped me get my voice back and showed me my future through the medium of Whitireia. So, in a way when I sing it brings me closer to God and that’s one of my biggest motivations.

These days when I am preparing for my Body Of Work, I give thanks to my God for blessing me with this gift, which literally came from him. No matter what mood I’m in, no matter what time of day it is (usually mid to late morning is when I sing my best) If I’ve given thanks to God, I feel like I can sing at my best. Usually I sing for about 2 hours (not all in one go however) the repertoire that I am thinking of doing for my Body Of Work. Although, I do allow myself to have an extra hour of time to sing other stuff that I really like too.

Hope this gives you guys some good insight! ❤








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