My Reflection…

Hi again…

This is the 5th and final “homework” related post, so I think from this point in time you may have to get used to me blogging for no apparent reason… 😛

We were asked to reflect on our process through this blogging experience so here goes nothing…

I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this process, I think it was right up my alley and I felt so much more relaxed and at one with everything about homework as opposed to writing an essay or a report or something like that. I have an immense amount of trouble with the whole “writing because I have to” scenario, and this felt more free for me, it felt like I didn’t have to write because I had to. I enjoyed the whole learning process about this assignment as well, how to post, how to look at your stats, how to insert media into your posts and all of that stuff.

It was a real eye opener for me to look up websites about small business and self promotion through blogging and physically say something about what I got from these sites it really gave me an incentive to read the sites instead of just look at it for 30 seconds, but have a bit of a read and find something relevant to me and my art form.

My stats are fairly interesting… of all time I have 80 hits (ooooh! exciting! :P) and I think my best ever was about 15 in one day. On my very first blog posting I have a grand total of 9 comments, but I appear to not have anymore on my other posts! 😛 My views seem to be fairly regular and have a good flow, although I haven’t had any views since April 15 but aside from that I’m very happy with how my blog has been viewed.

I definitely feel like I could continue with this blog even after this assignment has ended coz I feel that this is a great medium for displaying to the public my youtube videos and such and to constantly write down my thoughts about my BoW and all that jazz.

So, in conclusion, a thoroughly enjoyable experience! thanks heaps to Janet for a really great assignment idea! I love it!

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The promotion of oneself…

Me again…

This is another “homework” related blog, and this one is all about the subject of self promotion. Now I do have to be honest here, I’m not really the best at that. I’m the kind of person who shies away from anything spotlight related when it comes to my craft, I’d rather not have people sit and listen to me sing for some bizarre reason, but anywho, it’s high time I learnt how to do that for my sake as well as others.

So this assignment is telling us to find blogs about self promotion, how to do it well and blogs that do it well. I found this site here Which has a numbered list of tips to help you promote your business well via a blog. It is pretty much just simply for the business sides of things, but it could still be helpful none-the-less. The tips they give are very much to the point and are done so in an easily communicated type of way and is easy to look at and very well laid out. 🙂

However, this site here is specifically designed to help you promote your music I also really like the layout of this particular post. It gives a brief summary about the author of this blog, which I would find very handy before launching in to a whole pile of tips and information. It’s great because it also gets you to ask questions of yourself that are relevant to the topic of self promotion. I personally would find this particular post very useful because the information compiled is relevant to me and my art form. Also, it stands out with the whole colour concept of white and orange on a dark grey which really attracts the eye.

Now, I know I’ve referred to this blog in a previous blog posting but I have to come back to it just coz I think it’s just so darn cool! 🙂 but the Wonderful Amanda Palmer I think does a great job of not only promoting her music, but promoting herself as an individual. She does this well by having regular postings. Especially of pictures of herself and what she’s been up too, but also of news of where she will be performing, videos of her live recordings and of course news of when she has written a new song. I love it, I think it’s great and I would really like to emulate her style of blogging, by reflecting that in my own blog.

Anyway, I hope this is awfully helpful for you and stuff! Hope you had a good read and if you have any critique’s that you would like to see me do, and help me with my own self promotion then please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment about things that I could improve upon.

Love to all! ❤

… and now, a selection of hilarious billboards!






Small business in the music industry…

In all honesty, I never really thought about the business side of the music industry into too much detail, I’m not very financially minded and handling money gives me a major headache. Also, another thing that does hinder me slightly, is that I am very mathematically challenged and could almost be described as “maths illiterate”. Which is a bit of a hinderance, so in the future I may have to invest in an accountant to handle that side of things.

However, It is very important that I know stuff like this as my studies near there end and my career potentially begins, of course the main goal is to find gainful employment in this industry so I’m doing a bit of poking around and looking for things to help me in my endeavors.

We were tasked with locating some websites which help us in this purpose and I found a really nice one about the subject in The New Music Entrepreneur! What I found particularly useful about this place as it tells us a bit about the business side of the industry and they also mention some training institutes that do teach musicians about the business sides of things. I also really like it because it encourages discussion about the topic.

I like this one too… Music Biz Academy because it get’s you asking all the questions you need to ask yourself before you get started.

However, to start a small business you need to spend money to make money. The government can help you to get started by giving you a grant. This website here tells you where in New Zealand you can get a grant and how you can apply for one.

This one I thought was particularly good, because it gives you some tips for starting up a music store, which might not be directly related to the music industry but whether you’re selling Cd’s or musical instruments it can really be useful to musicians as you could be the future clientele to these outfits. This one is specific to the city of Houston, Texas.

Also, if you wanted to get in to the music industry but weren’t too sure where to start there’s always this site right here which helps give people ideas on where in the music industry you can make money.

This process was particularly helpful to me and I hope you find it helpful too! 🙂




What keeps me going…

I was recently challenged by a tutor of mine to compose a blog divulging some of my most inner secrets to my success and how I keep myself going for practicing and all that.

One thing that really gets me going is (again, please don’t hit me, just something that’s rather important to me) My Lord and saviour. I was raised in a catholic home but in my late teens and early 20’s I suffered from a deep depression which pushed me further away from God and it got the point where I quite literally lost my voice. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and my partner would say things to me like “You shouldn’t sing… I don’t like it when you do… You’re not even that good… I hate your style of music” I believed this to be true so I stopped singing for a time.

When I was about 23, after the demise of an awful relationship, I found God again. He saved my life and helped me get my voice back and showed me my future through the medium of Whitireia. So, in a way when I sing it brings me closer to God and that’s one of my biggest motivations.

These days when I am preparing for my Body Of Work, I give thanks to my God for blessing me with this gift, which literally came from him. No matter what mood I’m in, no matter what time of day it is (usually mid to late morning is when I sing my best) If I’ve given thanks to God, I feel like I can sing at my best. Usually I sing for about 2 hours (not all in one go however) the repertoire that I am thinking of doing for my Body Of Work. Although, I do allow myself to have an extra hour of time to sing other stuff that I really like too.

Hope this gives you guys some good insight! ❤