Just when I thought I was surrounded by idiots…

So, the last time I posted I was ranting about how the only celebrities that seem to have blogs these days are all idiots. I don’t mean to offend anyone that reads this but I really did not want to correspond with someone like Snooki… or any of the Kardashians… the fame hungry shrews!!! (My opinion, please don’t hit me!)

I found this out and I’m super excited…

AMANDA PALMER HAS A BLOG!!! *does a little dance*

What I’m really digging about this blog is that there are heaps of really cool photos that have been taken by her, people in her touring party as well as professional promo shots and the like. I also like how it’s easy to read, with having nice stand out colours that contrast with each other. I love the writing style in her blog as well, it’s quirky, like her personality and easy to read and follow along.

She is also an advocate against things like bullying, especially internet bullying and it is a subject that is close to my heart. I guess that is another reason why this blog appealed to me so much. I commented on her blog too! I’m so excited! 🙂

… and now it’s back to hilarious lists where people are posting blogs like “Famous guys named John” … “Famous singers with red hair” and… “famous people with non famous spouses” 😛

Give me strength…


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