Just ever so slightly annoyed…

As most of you might already know, this blog is the product of an assignment I have to do for school, I’ve got no issues with having a blog, in fact, I think it’s a bit of fun 🙂

However, as part of this blogging assignment, we have to locate people within our art form who have a blog, for instance for my case, a singer who has a blog. The thing is, I can’t seem to find anyone who I’m interested in who has a blog.

Whenever I go on google and type in the words “Singers who blog” all I seem to get is informative blogs about singing techniques and all that jazz, not any famous singers who blog. If I type in a specific singers’ name followed by the word blog, all I seem to get is young people who have started a blog solely dedicated to the life and times of whichever singer it just so happens to be.

This is one of the things that annoys me greatly…

If I type in something like “celebrity blogs” I get more or less the same thing, a young person who has regular blog posts focused on the life, times and antics of celebrities.

Another thing that annoys me…

Finally, if I type in the words “celebrities who blog” I get a selection of websites with lists of celebrities who just so happen to have a blog. I thought this was going to help me greatly, but the problem is… It’s all filled up of people such as The Kardashians… Snooki… and some Playboy model girly type things…

This is annoys me most, because unfortunately, I think all of these people are IDIOTS!


Help me please Janet!!!


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