The injured singer…

I’ve been in the wars…

Well, not entirely true, but I am in a tiny bit of pain. It’s my left foot (not to be confused with the Daniel Day-Lewis film) it just started hurting for no apparent reason.

On Tuesday afternoon, whilst I was conducting a singing lesson with my (one and only) pupil, it just started hurting for no apparent reason, I had to say to him “I’m sorry, I have to sit down my foot is very sore” despite the fact that there wasn’t anything visibly wrong with my foot.

There is no swelling and neither are there any bruises, so I have no idea what’s wrong with it. Both of my (physiotherapist) parents can’t for the life of them think what’s wrong with it so I’m stumped! The pain has more or less gone now, still gets a bit pinchy at times but otherwise, it’s well on the way to be mended.

The terrible thing about this sore foot is that it does have some rather serious repercussions regarding my singing. You can’t really stand with both feet firmly on the floor when one is a bit sore, constantly having to change your stance because you’re in pain is not only distracting and annoying it makes you sing, well, like crap (pardon my French).

As if it couldn’t get any worse, this morning when I was having my morning coffee, I was trying to swat a fly just as the kettle was coming to a boil, my hand moved right over the spout trying to get rid of this fly and a large globule of boiling water spurted out and landed on my hand! Needless to say…



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